Randy Scoville demonstrates a range of scientific puzzlers during the hourlong "After School Science Club." DOE/ITV Productions

'Club' makes science
after-school fun

By Marilyn Ige


Science is cool! Science is even fun!

Don't believe it? Well, check out the "After School Science Club!" television program Wednesdays on The Education Channel II, which on Oahu is channel 56. There, in a treehouse set, host Randy Scoville moves quickly through one experiment after another, challenging viewers to explain the scientific principle behind each one.

Some of the experiments would be great magic tricks to perform at a party. Others might help make everyday tasks easier. Scoville is also not afraid to ask viewers to tackle what experts say is impossible.

"After School Science Club" is aired live at 4 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month. Kids, and anyone else tuning in to the show, are invited to call in to share ideas, ask questions and answer Scoville's challenges. (The tape program is repeated every Wednesday at 4 p.m. through the month.)

The purpose of the program, Scoville said, is to show how science makes life better.

In the first show of the school year, Scoville offered seven scientific questions or puzzles. In all but two - one of which was the "impossible" mission - call-in viewers were able to figure out the correct answer almost immediately. The puzzles weren't easy giveaways. However, it doesn't take a science whiz to solve the riddles, just some clear thinking.

Callers on the show were evenly divided between kids and adults, proving that a kid's show, if done well, appeals to all ages. Calls came from all over the state, and a toll-free number is provided for neighbor island fans.

Because the hour is taped live, Scoville just has to roll with it if an experiment doesn't work or a phone connection fails. Maybe it's because he doubles as a science teacher that he was able to calmly handle the two or three lost telephone calls and the occasional glitch in a couple of demonstrations.

The program's producer, Ann Marie Kirk, says "Science Club" hopes to appeal to all ages, but the main target group is fourth- through eighth-graders.

The program is a production of the state Department of Education Instructional Television.

Turn on

What: "After School Science Club"

When: 4 p.m. Wednesdays. The program is live the first Wednesday each month, then repeats weekly until the next month.

Where: The Education Channel II, channel 56 on Oahu.

Call: 956-5770 on Oahu. Neighbor islands 1-800-342-7949.

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